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You may not think that the world of landscaping is very exciting one, and truth is, neither did I. That is, until I met the architectural mastermind of functional yards, Curt Havens, After first being floored by his enthusiastic persona, I get to the root of why Curt radiates such energy and enthusiasm. Very simply, he’s a guy who loves what he does, and does it better than most. Is drive and passion have landed him on Oprah’s infamous couch and he’s recently been appearing on Channel 3’s Shopping A-A. He just wrapped up a charity project with Kyrene de la Estrella, and oh – did I mention he has state of the art Disney grass planted on his front lawn?

Backyard Trends

His company, Outside Living Concepts is a true credit to his profession offering everything you could ever imagine to design the yard of your drams. Because with a wife and four kids of his own, Curt understands the importance of having a space that meets everyone’s needs, which is why you will usually find him in his own backyard. In fact, that is Curt’s yard on our cover – go ahead and take a look. Yep, that’s his personal playground in all its glory; fire pit, putting green, hot tub, pool, exotic plants, water features and all. Grab a frosty beverage and a good book, and you’d swear you were relaxing poolside at one of Vegas’ swanky mega-resorts. Best part is, you don’t have to walk a half mile to bet back to your room! But don’t just take it from me, I want you to hear it straight from Curt;

Tell us about growing up, and your family business in Massachusetts

I grew up in a small town north of Boston called Marblehead, a beautiful seacoast town with some amazing history. I am the oldest of 5 children and a third generation contractor. My father and two younger brothers run our family business. I now live here in Ahwatukee and have been for the last 14 years, and running my own company Outside Living Concepts, Inc. since 2004.

Talk about your TV show and how it led you to appearing on Oprah

While living in Marblehead, I used my construction background and became involved with a television program where, I was the executive producer. Back in 1984, there were no to other shows other than “This Old House” on the air, so I became kind of a pioneer in home improvement television. Starting out in the Boston market, the show became a big success and soon was marketed to stations all over the country. A Chicago station aired my program and a producer from the Oprah Winfrey show saw it and called me because they needed a guest expert in home improvement. The rest is history. I flew to Chicago in February of 1992 to tape the show which aired 2 months later in April. A very unique and unforgettable, once in a lifetime, experience.

What’s the biggest trend in the backyard market right now in Arizona

Because of our show economy and the housing market being fairly dismal to say the least, remodels will be a big part of our business this year. People have decided to ride things out and stay where they are, so they are remodeling what they have as opposed to sell and move. Ahwatukee is over 20 years old now and is a prime remodel market. I have lived here in the area for over 14 years and have seen many changes. As a contractor, I pride myself on providing the utmost level in personal service to my clients. We often become good friends and they are a great source for new business. The highest compliment anyone can give me is the referral of their family and friends.

Bringing The Inside Out article from Ahwatukee’s Premiere Magazine

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