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Custom Artificial Golf Putting Greens

If you’re an avid golfer and have always wished that you could put a golf putting green in your own home, your dream can come true with the help of Outside Living Concepts. We are a local company in Phoenix that is experienced in custom designs for yard space. If golf putting greens have always been a passion of yours, give us a call and we’ll talk with you about installing one in your yard.

If you’re looking into adding a golf putting area to your backyard, you may be wondering if artificial turf or natural grass is the best choice. Natural grass requires constant maintenance and upkeep, and significant amounts of water. Artificial turf lasts longer, requires little to no maintenance, and looks amazing all year long.

Backyard Putting Greens Installation In Metropolitan Phoenix Area

An Overview of Backyard Putting Greens Installation

Our golf putting green designs aren’t just from cookie cutter designs. We put thought and consideration into each design, so each client gets exactly what they desire. The specifications of our designs are always made with your personal interests in mind. The result is our company exceeding expectations, every time. Whether you want a traditional putting green or one you’ve come up with one all on your own, the team at Outside Living Concepts can bring the design to life in your very own backyard. We offer the most professional-looking installations possible because we want you to have a high-quality putting green that will continue to perform well for many seasons to come.

Benefits of Artificial Turf Home Golf Putting Greens

Although it may cost a pretty penny to create custom golf putting greens, it is definitely a worthwhile investment. Instead of driving out to a golf course, you can conveniently play golf in your own backyard whenever you desire. This also opens a whole new door to entertainment. You can invite your guests over and have a great time putting and socializing in your yard.

Not only does having a golf putting green in your yard increase your home’s entertainment value, but it also increases its equity. Whether you want to sell it in the future or you just want to increase its value for your children, your home’s value can make an attractive increase when you add in custom designs, such as custom backyard golf putting greens. By making a small investment now, it can have a significantly positive impact on your future.

Real vs. Synthetic Putting Green

Lawn care bills add up over time. If you use natural grass for your backyard putting green, you’re looking at potentially hundreds of dollars every month depending on how large or tedious your lawn is to access and service, versus utilizing an artificial putting green that you can enjoy for years with significantly lower maintenance costs.

Choose Outside Living Concepts for Your Putting Green

If you’ve always had an expansive yard but never knew exactly what to do with it, converting it into a golf-putting green can help beautify your landscape while adding purpose to it as well. Outside Living Concepts has been transforming residential landscapes across Phoenix for more than 17 years. When you choose us for your custom work, we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied. We go above and beyond to bring your dreams to life! If you’re interested in having a golf putting green installed in your yard, just give us a call!

Contact Outside Living Concepts

At Outside Living Concepts, we specialize in outdoor kitchens and BBQs, outdoor fireplaces, swimming pools and spas, patio construction, waterscapes, landscape design, and artificial grass installation. To schedule a consultation to install your new backyard golf putting greens in Phoenix, AZ, give us a call today or contact us online.

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