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Let Outdoor Living Concepts Bring Your Patio to Life

Sunny afternoons and cool evenings are best when enjoyed with friends and family. After a long day, some time on your patio can be the escape you need. Outside Living Concepts can help you enhance your patio space and make it an area you can enjoy every day. We have helped homeowners in Phoenix, AZ breathe new life into their outdoor patios for almost 20 years. From initial design to final touches, our company will always incorporate your unique tastes to reflect your lifestyle. Whether you are building a new patio or remodeling your existing space, we offer unmatched design expertise and various building options to ensure ultimate choice and stunning results. Call us today to learn more.

Custom Landscape Covered Patio

Materials Used in Patio Remodels

Each patio project we undertake is as unique as our clients. So there are always various requests for different types of materials. Patio materials used will always depend on the aesthetics and function of your outdoor space, so it is important to discuss those first. From there, our design techs will provide you with the right options to make your patio come alive and seamlessly blend with your yard, landscape, and other outdoor accents. Some of the most popular choices we offer include:

  • Concrete or Travertine Pavers
  • Flagstones
  • Free Form Stone
  • Colored or Exposed Aggregate
  • Canterra Tile
  • Saltillo Tile
  • Gravel
  • Clay Brick

Things to Consider When Modeling Your Outdoor Patio

There are many factors to consider before designing or renovating your patio. You want to make sure you get things right the first time to save money and start enjoying your outdoor space to the fullest. It would be best if you also had a clear idea of your patio’s purpose and how it will blend with your surrounding lawn and landscaping. If these elements are not clear to you, do not worry. Working with Outdoor Living Concepts, you get a dedicated design specialist who will give you ideas and walk through some of the most crucial remodeling considerations before any work begins. These can include:


When it comes to patio design, size matters. Your patio should complement your home and have a purpose. If built too small, it often becomes wasted, unused space. Build it too large, and your patio can take up more yard than you like. This can be expensive and throw off the balance of your landscape.

Proper Flow

A well-designed patio should allow for easy flow for party guests and access to the other parts of your home. When your patio and deck need stairs, be sure the elevation is no lower than four inches to avoid tripping. Also, be sure the stairs are no higher than seven inches and have adequate lighting for comfort and accessibility.


Costs and financing for your patio installation or remodel are among the top considerations for your project. Outside Living Concepts will always work to balance your needs with your budget to give you the most beautiful patio possible at the best value.

Kids & Pets

Our designers take small children and four-legged friends into account when remodeling your patio. We focus on safety and fun, adding accents such as fencing, child-safe plants, water features, and hardscapes.


If you plan to use your patio to entertain guests, you can add certain elements to make the experience more enjoyable. Past customers have added plush pillows, comfortable chairs and outdoor sofas, and even small fire pits to give their guests an unforgettable ambiance.

Outdoor Patio Remodeling Tips

Whether you have an ideal vision for your patio down to the smallest detail or are starting from scratch, our designers are here to help. Our trained, certified techs have decades of experience in the industry and know what works for the dry, sunny Phoenix, AZ climate. We will guide you through the process and provide professional insights on how to create the patio of your dreams, such as:

Install Lighting

Everyone can enjoy a well-lit patio space, day or night. Lighting also makes your patio safer and more inviting for activities and conversation.

Add Potted Plants & Herbs

Plants and herbs not only improve the aesthetics and aroma of your patio space but also create an exotic setting. Add rare fauna from different parts of the world for a truly exceptional outdoor area.

Construct Pergola With Vines

Pergolas with trailing vines can give an otherwise ordinary patio space a gorgeous Mediterranean feel. They add symmetry and artistic flair for any occasion.

Outdoor Heating

Days in the desert can get hot. But the nights can bring chilly temperatures that make outdoor entertainment tough. Installing a heating unit for your patio keeps the atmosphere just right for guests and loved ones.

Custom Backyard Landscape in Phoenix

Why Choose Outside Living Concepts?

Our team of landscape contractors has the skills and experience to create a magnificent patio area for your home. We offer thousands of combinations of the finest materials for your unique build and stay up-to-date on the latest design trends. Outdoor Living Concepts has an eye for beauty, design flow, safety, and value. We incorporate those elements into your personal patio vision to design an extraordinary location that is entirely yours. As your trusted design specialists, we give you all of the breathtaking entertainment space you have dreamed of without any of the guesswork. Call us today to explore all of your options.

Contact Outside Living Concepts

When you are ready to design a sublime patio space for your home, there is only one call you should make. Outdoor Living Concepts will be there for you from start to finish with expert design ideas and premier materials to bring your patio to life. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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