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Frequently Asked Questions to Outside Living Concepts

My project or space is not very big, can you still help me?

Outside Living Concepts prides itself on quality work and outstanding customer service. We are unfortunately not able to take on smaller jobs based on the way our company is structured. Any jobs we contract must be at least $15,000 in scope, or we are unable to bid on your project.

Once we sign a contract, how long will it take before construction begins?

Normally once a contract is signed, it typically takes Up to 10-12 weeks to get you in the construction schedule. During this time, we will gather any HOA approval that may be needed and begin working on any permits that may be required. We will also be selecting and identifying materials like the color of granite, the paint we are using for your barbecue, and the stone veneer on your fireplace… basically dialing in all of the details so we can successfully build your project once we start construction.

What forms of payment do you accept and do you offer financing?

We accept checks payable to the company, Cash, MasterCard, Visa, & Discover. We do NOT take American Express. If you are looking for other forms of financing, we have connections with an outside provider that can assist. Please contact us for more details.

How long will it take to complete my project?

Project can take a few weeks or a few months or more based on the size of the job and the scope of work. If there are other contractors working on the property, this may add to the time frame should we need to pull off and re-start because of other work you have going on. We are very efficient with how our projects go through construction and we will make this process as least stressful for all concerned as possible. Our thousands of customers over the years can attest to our work ethic and quality of construction. Please read our reviews!

What if we need HOA approval or a building permit?

We obtain all permits needed for construction and will help get your plans submitted and approved through your Homeowners Association. We have worked with hundreds of them all over the valley and know how to navigate those waters on your behalf.

Are there any services Outside Living Concepts doesn’t perform?

We are a landscape design, build & remodel firm. The company does not do weekly or bi-monthly maintenance of any kind, one-time clean-ups, or sell supplies.

What does Outside Living Concepts do best?

We specialize in adding useable, functional outdoor living spaces that add not only equity to your home but the added value of years of enjoyment. We are your outdoor living specialists. Let us show you our version of the WOW factor!

Will we meet with an experienced designer?

YES! All designers have several years of experience with most having more than 20 years. Once we have designed your project and you have signed a contract with us to build your project, our designers then become your project manager. They orchestrate our talented crews and subcontractors to make sure your landscape plan is built exactly the way you expected. We often exceed your wildest expectations. Each designer/project manager will be your point of contact from start to finish which ensures great communication, quality of construction, and execution.

How qualified are the people performing our work?

Most of our crews have worked with us for years and are true craftsmen in every sense of the word. They are respectful, talented, approachable, and courteous. As the owner, I’m proud to say how often I hear from our customers how wonderful they are, how hard they work and are thrilled with the quality of their workmanship. Simply put…they are the driving force behind our company.

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