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Backyard Fire Pits & Water Features

One of the benefits of living in Gilbert, Chandler, and Ahwatukee, Arizona is the overabundance of days and nights that are perfect for throwing outside parties or simply relaxing with family in the backyard. Although it doesn’t take much to entertain family and friends outdoors, the addition of custom outdoor water features and a fireplace can transform your backyard into a beautiful outdoor living space that is perfect for parties. Even if you don’t do that much entertaining, the perfect outdoor fire pit or water fountain can help you enjoy your own backyard in a refreshingly new way. Contact us to speak with one of Outside Living Concepts’ home remodeling technicians today!

Outdoor Fireplace in Metropolitan Phoenix Area

Building Your Fireplace With Outside Living Concepts

After determining your location, size requirements, and general vision for your fireplace, it’s important to partner with a contractor who makes your vision a reality. Here at Outside Living Concepts, our design and construction team has helped countless property owners craft beautiful fireplaces built exactly to their specifications. When you work with our professionals, we take the time to sit down with you and plan out each and every aspect of your dream outdoor fireplace, offering suggestions and guidance as necessary. Once we’ve developed a plan you absolutely love, we work tirelessly to make that plan come to life. Our masons have decades of experience working with all types of stone and proudly utilize the industry’s leading equipment to ensure precision and accuracy down to the finest details. The result? The finest custom-built fireplaces and firepits Phoenix, AZ, has to offer.

Custom Outdoor Fireplace Design Tips

A custom-designed outdoor fireplace or fire pit will serve as one of the main anchor points of your outdoor living space. However, it alone is not enough to transform your backyard. Although your remodeling expert will make sure you end up with a beautiful and functional custom outdoor fireplace, these backyard landscape design tips will help you formulate an early version in your head.

  • To determine the appropriate size, first determine the number of people expected to use the outdoor fire pit at any given time
  • Keep the size of the fireplace in scale with the rest of the outdoor living space to make it a natural-looking part of the yard
  • Try to incorporate architectural elements from your home into the fireplace design to create flow between your indoor and outdoor living spaces
  • Areas adjacent to the backyard fireplace or fire pit should be large enough to accommodate outdoor patio furniture in order to create a functional sitting and entertaining area
  • Fireplace or fire pit? Fireplaces have the benefits of structural magnificence, wind protection, and intimacy, while firepits are ideal for larger groups or areas with a view. Think critically about the advantages of your space, and seek the guidance of a professional for added tips and inspiration.

Popular Outdoor Water Features in Arizona

So, you’ve got fire taken care of; what about water? The addition of a few well-placed custom water features can give your outdoor living space a new level of tranquility and relaxation (especially in an area as hot as Phoenix). You’re free to design any water features you like, but you may want to consider one of these popular design choices:

Cascading Waterfalls

Also called “pond-less waterfalls,” cascading waterfalls disappear into a bed of gravel, where the water is re-circulated to the top of the waterfall.

Water Gardens

Water gardens are among the oldest and most popular design in America. A small pond full of aquatic plants, koi, and goldfish will quickly become one of your favorite places to relax.

Sheet Waterfalls

Sheet waterfalls are typically found in outdoor living spaces that make use of a more contemporary design, particularly those that incorporate lots of blocks and bricks.

Custom-Built Water Features From Our Team

Whether you are looking for a dramatic waterfall or a subtle cascading water feature, our outdoor design and construction team here at Outside Living Concepts has the experience and expertise to make your vision come to life. When you work with us, we custom-design your water feature to highlight the natural advantages of your yard, taking care to incorporate your ideas and requests wherever possible. We understand just how beautiful an eco-friendly water feature can be to a desert yard, which is why we use our decades of experience and the industry’s latest equipment to build the best water features in the region. View our custom-built water features in our online gallery.

Why Outside Living Concepts

If you want to transform your backyard with an outdoor fireplace and some beautiful water fountain features, Outside Living Concepts of Phoenix can help. Our custom landscape contractors take pride in creating spectacular, first-class, outdoor living environments tailored to each homeowner’s exquisite taste, preferences, and lifestyle. We will create a free custom landscape design with a water fountain and outdoor fire pit on all approved budgets.

Contact us at 602-743-8750 to schedule your free consultation.

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