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Who We Are

Your outdoor living spaces should suit your personality and your property’s style, providing a functional and enjoyable extension of your indoor environment. Outside Living Concepts specializes in large-scale hardscape and landscape design serving Phoenix, including complete outdoor remodeling projects, backyard landscaping, and pool and spa construction and remodeling. We can help you update, upgrade, or design every aspect of your yard from scratch to create an outdoor living space you deserve.

Yard Remodeling in Phoenix

Yard Remodeling: A Complete Transformation

Your yard encompasses all of the outdoor space that surrounds your Phoenix home, including hardscaping and landscaping elements. When considering an update or remodel of your yard, it’s important to understand how every feature works together to create the complete outdoor space you want as a result.

  • Landscaping provides a soft, colorful complement to your home and its outdoor features, including pools, decks, patios, and outdoor kitchens. When considering a new landscape design, it’s important to take into account the style and design of your home to develop a landscaping plan that will best enhance every exterior feature of your home for a balanced and appealing look.
  • The style of your outdoor features, such as your pool, patio, outdoor fireplace, or kitchen, should blend with the style of your home for a cohesive outdoor living space that feels just like an extension of your indoor home design. If these elements clash with the style, coloring, or personality of your home, they will create disharmony that diminishes, rather than improves, your curb appeal.

The Major Benefits of Large-Scale Yard Remodeling in Phoenix, AZ

Backyard remodeling is the perfect way to turn your yard into a personalized escape from the stresses of everyday life. Creating a customized environment through the landscape and hardscape design will improve the value of your home and the usability of each square foot of your outdoor space.

Are you ready to create an updated, modern, and customized outdoor living space? At Outside Living Concepts, no project is too large—please call 602-743-8750 to reach an experienced hardscape contractor and discuss your ideas for complete backyard remodeling or landscape remodeling in Phoenix.

Create a Personal Oasis

A complete yard remodeling project will ensure that every area of your yard fits into the whole picture, both functionally and aesthetically. Rather than a disjointed series of outdoor spaces, a fully remodeled yard will flow from one space to the next naturally for a private and personal paradise.

Increase Your Property Value

When choosing a new landscape design, it’s vital to take into account the ways in which landscaping changes may impact other areas of your yard. Complete backyard remodeling ensures that your landscaping and hardscaping elements will work together for the best long-term value from your investment. Contact Outside Living Concepts for your Landscaping needs in the Metropolitan Phoenix Area.

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