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What Is Desert Landscaping?

Desert landscaping is the art of designing landscapes that are sustainable and appropriate for the desert environment. A xeriscape can be as simple as one cactus, or it can be as complicated as a garden featuring many different types of plants.

Maintaining your landscape can be expensive and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Xeriscaping in Phoenix, AZ, takes advantage of the unique arid weather conditions found in the desert southwest region of the United States by making use of native plants. Outside Living Concepts uses our experience in landscape design to create efficient and sustainable landscaping that requires little upkeep while still looking spectacular.

The end goal of xeriscaping design is to provide an appealing setting without causing harm to the natural surroundings. Desert landscapers must consider the needs of both humans and wildlife when creating their designs.

Xeriscaping in Metropolitan Phoenix Area

Xeriscaping Trends

You can use several different approaches when designing your desert landscaping. One approach is to look at the types of plants that thrive in the area where you live and choose blooming plants with low water requirements to add color. Depending on which types of plants you want, and which xeriscaping styles you’re going for, another popular option is combining natural elements like wood with rocks and hardscape.

Phoenix’s climate allows for beautiful landscapes. Hot and dry weather conditions make cactus thrive, and a little water every so often helps keep them growing strong and healthy. Add rock formations and other natural materials to create an outdoor space that feels like home.

There is a trend for almost every backyard, from rock gardens to low-maintenance lifestyles! It’s becoming increasingly common for people to use xeriscaping because it looks beautiful and doesn’t require any special skills to maintain.

Desert Plants for Landscaping

The best plants for your xeriscaping may depend on a few different things. How much sun does your home get? What kind of vegetation do you already have growing around you? Are there any invasive species nearby? These questions can help guide you towards the right plants for your specific situation. You may also want to consider how much water you’re able to provide.

Native plants are very popular for use in xeriscapes in Phoenix, AZ. Plants that are native to the region are adapted to harsh desert soils, requiring less maintenance to thrive in their natural environment. In addition, native plants match with local populations of birds, insects, and other pollinators. Native plants are also much less prone to damage by diseases, insects, or other stresses caused by weather conditions or climate.

Choose Outside Living Concepts for Xeriscaping

At Outside Living Concepts, our knowledge of desert ecosystems, native plants, and landscapes gives us everything we need to build beautiful, natural-looking landscapes. In Phoenix, you can’t just plant some perennials and walk away. Things like light, water, temperature, and humidity all affect the way that a landscape will adapt and hold up over time and whether it will thrive or fail.

Xeriscaping is an ideal choice for homeowners living in a desert region. It creates a lush, green environment that looks natural. Xeriscape design can include cacti and succulents, whose natural beauty will not fade even in the dry heat.

Contact Us for Modern Desert Landscaping

Let Outside Living Concepts help you design your ideal xeriscape. Create an oasis at your home with our help! Give us a call today to schedule your xeriscaping consultation.

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