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Outdoor Kitchens & BBQs by Experienced Kitchen Designers

Are you looking for the best outdoor kitchen and BBQ in Phoenix, AZ? Do you want to make a reality out of your outdoor kitchen ideas? Outside Living Concepts has everything you need to create the perfect outdoor cooking space. From grills and smokers to patio furniture and accessories, our expert builders can help you create a backyard oasis that you’ll love spending time in.

Outdoor Kitchen in Metropolitan Phoenix Area

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Designs & BBQ

An outdoor BBQ kitchen is one of the most popular additions to any landscape remodel. This entertaining feature, a must-have for Phoenix residents, can enhance any outdoor living space. When it comes to adding a BBQ to your yard, nothing beats a custom unit.

Outside Living Concepts’ custom outdoor BBQs are built with a solid concrete block frame, which allows them to last much longer than pre-fabricated units. Furthermore, we give our customers the option of customizing the unit’s length, shape, and features to meet their specific needs and desires. There are a variety of excellent built-in items and components that can elevate your unit and create an inviting outdoor environment.

If you’re interested in getting an outdoor kitchen or BBQ installed at your home, be sure to check out our gallery of past projects. You’ll get a good sense of the quality and craftsmanship we put into each installation.

Common Designs for Outdoor Kitchens and BBQs

If you’re looking to add an outdoor kitchen and BBQ to your Phoenix, AZ, home, there are a few common designs to choose from. One option is to have a standalone grill island with counter space and storage. This is an excellent choice if you want to cook on the grill and also have a place to prepare food.

Another popular backyard kitchen design is an outdoor kitchen that’s integrated into the patio or deck. This gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of layout and how much counter space you want. You can also choose from a variety of appliances, such as a refrigerator, sink, or oven.

Important Elements of an Outdoor Kitchen & BBQ

While planning your custom backyard landscaping project with Outside Living Concepts, keep the following elements in mind for your outdoor kitchen design:

  • Built-In Refrigerator
  • Kegerator
  • Side Burners
  • Pizza Ovens
  • Storage Drawers
  • Lights
  • Sink
  • Electrical Outlets
  • Prep Counters
  • Overhead Shade
  • Bar Tops & Bistro Tables

Benefits of a Backyard Outdoor Kitchen

There are several perks to our outdoor kitchen design projects. Among the many advantages that our customers enjoy are:

Greater Convenience

For people who enjoy barbecuing and spending quality time with family and friends, having a backyard outdoor kitchen will bring the convenience of cooking to your outdoor living space. With everything you need outside, there's no need to run between your outdoor BBQ and your indoor kitchen, allowing you to spend more time with your guests.

Quality Entertainment Opportunities

Whether you enjoy hosting large parties with your friends and neighbors or just want to spend quality time with your family, a backyard outdoor kitchen makes it easier to socialize with the people you care about without cramming inside your living room and kitchen.

Healthy Eating

One of the advantages of having an outdoor BBQ kitchen is that it encourages healthy eating. Grilling meat and vegetables on a custom outdoor BBQ is preferable to consuming fried foods and frozen dinners. Outside Living Concepts can design and construct an outdoor BBQ island that you will want to use to create healthy meals for yourself, your family, and your guests.

Our Other Landscaping Services

Outside Living Concepts offers a variety of other backyard landscaping services that can make your dream a reality. Whether you want to add an outdoor fireplace & water feature or even golf putting greens so you can have fun while you’re cooking, we can get the job done.

Contact Outside Living Concepts

Outside Living Concepts is a premier landscaping company in Phoenix, Gilbert, Chandler, and Ahwatukee, AZ. Our custom outdoor kitchen designs will forever change how you think about backyard food prep! From a stainless-steel refrigerator, warming drawers, or countertops made of flagstone, granite, or travertine, we take your backyard kitchen to the next level! Call us to schedule your free consultation with one of our custom outdoor kitchen designers. You can also fill out our online form to request a free quote.

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