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Tips for Planning a Perfect Fireplace in Phoenix, AZ

You love spending time in your backyard, but you are worried about the cooler nights the winter will bring. Fortunately, you can improve your backyard landscaping with something you can enjoy during those cooler Arizona evenings: an outdoor fireplace in Phoenix, AZ. While an outdoor fireplace can be a great addition to your home, there are a few factors to consider. You must decide what type of fireplace to install, how it will fit into your existing design, and the way in which you can make it accessible to everyone. Here is a closer look at these tips for planning for the perfect outdoor fireplace.

Compare Different Types of Fireplaces

A fireplace may work in one of several ways, and you must choose how it will operate before it is installed. If you plan on chopping or acquiring lumber to burn in your fire pit, then you will need a fireplace built that can draw properly to make sure the smoke goes up the flue and not out the front. On the other hand, you might want a natural gas fireplace for ease of convenience and on those no burn evenings. In this case, you will need a natural gas or propane connection. The installation processes vary between these types of fireplaces, so you must arrive at a firm decision well before installation.

Create an Aesthetic Masterpiece

Your new outdoor fireplace gives you the opportunity to enhance your yard’s aesthetic appeal, but it’s important that you choose the right design. It helps to consider the size of your yard and place in the yard before choosing a fireplace design. A massive fireplace might look awkward in a small space, while a tiny fireplace might not be effective if it is installed in an expansive area. You may also want to consider the existing design of your outdoor living area when deciding what your new fireplace should look like. If a fireplace is too big for the area…consider a fire pit. They are fun for everyone and cost a fraction of a fireplace, so if the budget’s tight… a good choice here…either can burn wood or gas.

Make Room for Everyone

An outdoor fireplace may cause your popularity to skyrocket, so it pays to prepare for this in advance. Make sure you have your fireplace installed in a spacious area and provide plenty of seating for friends, family members, and neighbors who seem to become much more friendly since building your dream backyard.

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