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If you have lived in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area for any time at all, you know that weather is beautiful but you also know that the evenings can be quite cool and sometimes down right cold. There is no doubt that if you have lived here longer than a year, you have seen temperatures that have been near or below freezing. The chill can put a damper on spending the evening outside, especially when you have had something planned and the temperature dips suddenly when the sun goes down.

This is where an outdoor natural gas or propane fire pit can really be a blessing and a centerpiece of you patio area. Who can resist having a conversation with good friends and family around the open dancing flame of a fire pit. Think of fire pits as a safer, more controlled campfire. With a fire pit on your deck or patio, you can enjoy all of the warmth and ambiance of an open fire without having to constantly worry about having wood, rolling logs, or dangerous sparks. Often time having an open wood fire is prohibited by local laws. The nice thing about a quality fire pit by Outside Living Concepts is that it is always ready to go. A flip of a switch and you have instant flame, warmth, and entertainment.

Firepits are always the hit of a party and it is where everyone typically gathers as the evening cools and the shadows grow long. You’ll be surprised how affordable a gas fire pit is to built and how economical it can be to use. Many of our fire pits also offer a removable surface for off-season use for beverages and snacks, making them extremely versatile outdoor accessories.

If you are planning a backyard hideaway, patio, deck, or pool construction we highly recommend adding or at the least planning for a gas fire pit. Our design team can help you plan for the future of your backyard living. If you have an existing backyard patio area, adding a gas fire pit will maximize your pleasure and increase the usefulness of it.

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