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Backyard Fireplaces in Phoenix, AZ

An outdoor fireplace is one of the most popular new developments in landscape design serving Phoenix, AZ. As the weather cools down, homeowners still want to make the most of their outside space. With an outdoor fireplace, you can comfortably use your outdoor kitchen while your guests relax around a warm fire. Continue reading to learn more about how an outdoor fireplace works to provide extra warmth, use natural energy, and create a traditional structure.

Provide Extra Warmth

An outdoor fireplace or fire pit is highly effective at delivering just the right amount of warmth for gatherings of all sizes. Even a good patio cannot compete with the natural beauty and warmth emitted by outdoor fireplaces. Many outdoor kitchen ideas now incorporate a living space. In the chilly months, no living area is complete without space where guests can relax, chat, and stay warm. For a modern look, ask your landscape design team to create an outdoor fire pit of bricks and blocks. Finish off the look with rustic lawn chairs created from milk cartons.

Use Natural Energy

One of the best qualities of outdoor fireplaces is its ability to use natural energy. While some people opt for an outdoor gas fire pit, an outdoor fireplace uses natural gas or wood instead of propane. These fuel sources have the benefit of being abundant and therefore affordable. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on fuel, you can use firewood from a nearby store—or your own backyard. However, a wood fireplace is slightly pricier to build, so some cost-conscious individuals prefer the cheaper construction and broader seating options offered by an outdoor fire pit.

Create Traditional Structure

Outdoor fireplaces rely on three central components. However, your landscape design team can create almost any size or shape of the fireplace, depending on your specific needs and style. In an outdoor fireplace, the main kiva is the location where the fire itself burns. The wing walls are located on either side, and the seat walls have the hearth is in front. However, you can opt to eliminate the wing walls or seat walls if you prefer.

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