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Aquascape Options in Metropolitan Phoenix Area

Are you considering adding a beautiful aquascape aquarium to your home’s interior or exterior? An aquascape pond or aquascape tank can become the focal point of your interior decor or outdoor living space, inspiring conversation and reflection. At Outside Living Concepts, our goal is to provide our clients with beautiful solutions to enhance the comfort and value of their homes. We specialize in creating spectacular outdoor living environments thoughtfully designed with your lifestyle and comfort in mind. Our beautiful landscaping and hardscaping designs will encourage you and your family to spend more time outdoors in the beauty of nature. Our team of experts can meet with you to go over possible aquascape ideas in the Metropolitan Phoenix Area and help you create an amazing concept for your aquascape design.

What Is an Aquascape Aquarium?

Aquascaping is an art form that creates beautiful, vibrant living aquariums or water features that can live inside or outside a home. Aquascape design uses plants, rocks, wood, and other elements to create a natural underwater design that can live and grow inside a tank or water feature. An aquascape can be as small or large as you want it to be, and the goal is to create a living work of art. Installing an aquascape aquarium requires understanding natural life, science, and biological processes. Each element must be chosen carefully for how it will interact with other elements and contribute to the beauty and lifecycle of the piece. Our experts can design a stunning aquascape tank that will add a lush, garden-style aquarium to your home.

Why Consider Creating an Aquascape Tank?

An aquascape aquarium or pond has many benefits beyond just aesthetics. While and aquascape aquarium will enhance the beauty of your home’s interior or outdoor living space, it will also become a conversation piece that attracts the interest of your guests and highlights stunning displays of natural life. However, an aquascape tank also offers other surprising benefits to you and your family:

  • Stress Reduction – The process of designing and creating an aquascape aquarium is relaxing and can be an amazing stress reducer. Cultivating, tending, and even just admiring your aquascape tank can also reduce stress and anxiety, encourage deeper breathing, and offer a respite from the stress of the outside world.
  • Educational Experience – Designing, building, and caring for your aquascape tank is an educational experience. We will work closely with you throughout the process so you understand every element. We will ensure you know how to care for and maintain your aquascape garden and answer any questions. An aquascape tank is a great way for you and your family to learn more about the natural world and explore chemistry, biology, and life sciences.
  • Natural Humidifier – An aquascape tank can act as a natural humidifier, adding more moisture to the air.

Exploring Different Aquascaping Styles

You have a choice between several different aquascaping styles, and we will go over each one before we begin designing your aquascape aquarium. The style you choose will depend on your personal preferences, aesthetics, and the plants and other elements you want to highlight:

  • Nature Aquascapes – Nature or natural aquascaping is the earliest and simplest form of aquascape design. It focuses on using simple elements to create a natural-looking underwater design. We may recommend using a variety of plants, rocks, sand, and driftwood to create a habitat that mimics one that would occur in nature. Our goal is to make it look as organic as possible.
  • Iwagumi Aquascapes – An Iwagumi aquascape focuses on minimalism, simplicity, and harmony. This style of aquascape design highlights the importance of the rock, using different sizes, shapes, colors, and types of rocks to create a harmonious overall design. Each design typically includes three stones: a larger “father” stone and two or more smaller stones. The number of stones used must be odd. We will then enhance the beauty of the stone design using minimal plants, stones, flora, and fauna in a restricted range of colors and sizes.
  • Dutch Aquascapes – Dutch aquascape design focuses on growing plants in various styles, colors, textures, and sizes, focusing on stem plants. We will focus on creating a dense, lush, healthy plant growth to imitate the beauty of nature. We will include colorful, vibrant plants and showcase a rich diversity of plant life.
  • Biotope Aquascapes – Biotope aquascape design is also called “jungle-style” aquascape. This style recreates a natural habitat and celebrates the diversity and beauty of nature. We utilize plants and design elements that are more untamed and maximalist, and the plants are allowed to grow naturally, which creates a wild look. We will create a dense, jungle-like atmosphere using plants, rocks, wood, and other elements.

Aquascape Ideas & Elements to Use In Your Aquarium

We will explore a variety of different aquascape ideas and elements to use in your aquascape aquarium. When we have completed the design phase, we will determine where and how your aquascape will be installed. We can install aquascape designs in almost any water feature, and we will work closely with you to ensure the final result exceeds your expectations. We can include aquascape elements in any of these outdoor water features:

  • Classic garden ponds
  • Waterfalls
  • Reflecting pools
  • Koi ponds
  • Water gardens
  • Bubbling fountains

Call Outside Living Concepts to Install an Aquascape

If you’re ready to learn more about aquascape aquariums in the Metropolitan Phoenix Area, call us today at Outside Living Concepts. Our highly skilled and experienced team is dedicated to transforming your outdoor living space to enhance your lifestyle, the beauty and value of your home, and your outdoor experiences. Call us today or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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