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Solar Pool Heaters in Metropolitan Phoenix Area

Solar pool heaters are becoming increasingly popular as a sustainable solution for extending the swimming season. Utilizing the abundant energy from the sun, these systems offer an efficient way to heat swimming pools without the high operational costs associated with traditional pool heaters.

What is a Solar Pool Heater and How Does it Work?

A solar pool heater is a system that uses solar energy to heat water in a swimming pool. It typically consists of the following components:

  • Pump – The pump circulates water through the filter and solar collector, and then back into the
  • Filter – The filter removes debris before the water enters the solar collector.
  • Flow Control Valve – This diverts water to the solar collector, either manually or automatically.
  • Solar collectors – These devices, installed on the roof or sometimes on the ground, heat the pool water

Note: These systems are effective for both inground and above ground pools and are especially useful in sunny climates.

What it Takes to Build a Swimming Pool Solar Heating System

Building a solar pool heating system requires careful planning and consideration of several factors:

  • Selection of Solar Collectors – Solar collectors, which are the heart of the system, come in various types, including flat-plate collectors and evacuated tub collectors. The choice depends on the local climate as well as the pool’s heating needs.
  • System Sizing – The size of the solar collector array should be proportional to the surface area of the pool and the average local temperatures.
  • Integration with Pool Systems – The solar heating system must be integrated with the pool’s existing pump and filtration system. This ensures efficient circulation of water through the solar collectors for heating, and then back into the pool.

Where to Put a Solar Heater for Your Pool

The placement of solar collectors is critical for maximizing solar energy absorption. Ideal locations include:

  • Roofs – Roofs are typically the preferred location due to their exposure to sunlight.
  • Ground Mounts – For pools without suitable roof space, ground mounted systems are an alternative.
  • Orientation and Tilt – The collectors should be oriented and tilted for optimal sun exposure, considering the geographic location and the path of the sun there.

Solar Pool Heater vs. Solar PV Panels – Comparing Solar Pool Heaters to Solar PV panels.

  • Purpose– Solar pool heaters are solely designed for heating pools, whereas solar PV panels generate electricity for various uses.
  • Efficiency in Heating Pools – Solar pool heater sare generally more efficient and cost-effective for pool heating as they directly use solar thermal energy.
  • Versatility – Solar PV panels offer greater versatility as they can power a wide range of electrical devices. In fact, it is sometimes more efficient to pair an electric pool heater with the PV panels to heat the pool.

Bonus for Phoenix Homeowners

In sunny areas like Phoenix, solar pool heaters are exceptionally beneficial. The high number of sunny days ensures that the solar collectors receive ample sunlight, leading to efficient heating and longer swimming seasons.

Get the Most Out of Solar Pool Heating

To fully benefit from a solar pool heating system, consider the following:

  • Professional Installation – Proper installation by experts is critical for optimal performance as DIY installations can be risky and may void equipment warranties. In addition, improper installation can affect the system’s durability and efficiency.
  • Regular Maintenance – Regular maintenance of the system, including cleaning the solar collectors and checking the system for leaks or blockages is essential.
  • Supplementary Systems – For enhanced efficiency, consider adding supplementary systems like floating solar heaters or pool covers to retain the heat.


Solar power pool heaters represent a smart investment for pool owners looking for an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to extend their swimming seasons. By leveraging the power of the sun with solar technology, these systems not only reduce energy costs but also contribute to a more sustainable environment. With the right setup and maintenance, homeowners can enjoy a warm and inviting pool experience throughout the entire year.

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