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Sophisticated Landscape Remodeling in Phoenix, AZ

If you’re considering landscape remodeling in Phoenix, you should work closely with an experienced landscape contractor on the perfect landscape design for your lifestyle and aesthetics. Your landscape design should complement the architectural style of your home and should make your backyard a more attractive and comfortable space for you and your family. Here is a look at some simple and sophisticated landscape design ideas for your backyard remodeling project.

Opt for Simple Shapes and Layouts for Landscaping

When you begin working on a landscape design with your landscape contractor, you should ask him to use simple shapes and layouts for your landscaping. When you use complex shapes, tight curves, and excessive landscape edging, your landscape remodeling project will become more complicated and more expensive. Choose a focal point for your landscape design, and have your landscaping elements radiate out from this focal point in simple shapes and geometric patterns. For instance, you can use straight lines or grids rather than curves, circles, or complex patterns.

Utilize Minimalist Landscape Designs

The details of your landscape design can range from very simple to incredibly complex. These details might include the plants, hardscaping materials, and designs, outdoor living spaces, outdoor kitchen plans, retaining walls, irrigation systems, patios, pathways, lighting, and landscape edging that you prefer. When you use a minimalist landscape design, you operate under the philosophy that less is more. The landscape design elements that you choose will be much more striking and noticeable if they aren’t competing with many more complex designs and spaces throughout your backyard.

Focus on Making the Space Functional

The primary purpose of your landscape remodeling or backyard remodeling should be to create an outdoor living space that is comfortable and functional. You should develop your landscape design based upon how you and your family will use the space, and what features will make the space more attractive and comfortable for your specific lifestyle. This may include features like a covered patio, comfortable seating, decorative lighting, an outdoor fireplace or outdoor gas fire pit, an outdoor kitchen, or a backyard fountain.

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