• Should You Have Your Own Spa?

    Few things feel quite as nice as slipping into a warm bath after a long day. A backyard spa takes the luxurious bathing experience to a new level. If you enjoy spending time outdoors and would like to make more use of your backyard space, you may benefit by incorporating a spa into your landscape design serving Phoenix.

    Lounging in a spa offers several advantages. The heated water, for instance, promotes lower blood pressure by dilating vessels and increasing blood flow. The water’s buoyancy can ease sore and swollen knees, wrists, and elbows by taking most of the pressure off of your joints. Additionally, many spas feature water jets that can massage and soothe tense or painful muscles.

    If you think a backyard spa in Phoenix might be right for you, it’s important to find a landscape design company offering spa sales and custom outdoor features. You can talk to a professional about landscape design, patio remodeling, and other outdoor services that can enhance your backyard’s appearance and comfort.

    Backyard Spa Landscape Designs by Outside Living Concepts

  • Using Native Plants in Landscaping

    If you’re considering landscape remodeling in Phoenix , you may already know that not every plant will thrive or be well-suited to your backyard environment. Using native plants in your landscaping can benefit you and your property in a variety of ways.

    Benefits of Landscaping Using Native Plants in Phoenix, AZ

    Reasons to Landscape Using Native Plants

    Exotic plants are often attractive to homeowners. They stand out from the neighbors’ landscape design, and can make your backyard feel like a tropical oasis. While non-native plants can look appealing and be difficult to resist, they come with disadvantages. In some cases, exotic plant species can become invasive in your area. When your landscaping includes invasive species, these plants can disrupt the natural ecosystem of the vicinity, and negatively impact any native plants on your property.

    Benefits of Landscaping Using Native Plants

    Native plants thrive in your region because they have adapted to do so. Because these plants can survive well in your area without much or any assistance, they can often thrive in your landscape design with minimal maintenance. Non-native plants are not only potentially invasive, but often require more irrigation, need specific lighting and humidity conditions that might not be present on your property, and may drain resources from the soil and make it difficult for other plants to survive. Native plants will frequently require less watering than others, are often suited to the natural light conditions of the area, and typically need less upkeep.

    How to Landscape Using Native Plants

    The best way to begin backyard landscaping using native plants is to do some research. Visit your local nurseries and speak to the staff about plants native to the area. Many small plant nurseries are enthusiastic about the use of native plants, and you may be surprised by how many options you have from which to choose. Also, take the time to do some online research. Learn which plants are ideal for the amount of shade and sunlight your yard receives, and which are the easiest to maintain.

  • Extend Your Outdoor Living Space

    If you’re doing outdoor remodeling near Phoenix, consider extending your outdoor living space . Just as a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project can increase the equity of your home, extending your outdoor living space through a custom outdoor kitchen design or landscape design can also add significant value to your home. Your outdoor remodeling project is an investment that you will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

    Feeling cramped? Extending your outdoor living area will also extend the total area of your home living space. That means more room for you and your family to spend time with each other and a wonderful opportunity to invite friends and extended family over. Adding on to your outdoor living area with an outdoor kitchen or outdoor gas fire pit can also make outdoor parties a breeze, ensuring that you use the results of your outdoor remodeling project to their fullest potential.

    Talk to a landscape design contractor in Phoenix to discuss a potential backyard landscaping plan and budget. A good designer will help give you some options that you haven’t thought of and increase the usability of your outdoor living area.

    Extend your Outdoor Living Space in Phoenix, AZ

  • Landscaping Your Front Yard

    Are you looking to do landscape remodeling in Phoenix ? Updating your landscape design can add an element of interest to your home and also increase your home value. Whether you’re aiming to initiate a backyard landscaping project or other outdoor remodeling project, a landscape contractor can help you create the right design for your yard.

    Watch this video to see one example of a landscape contractor’s plan for an updated landscape design. The video highlights an unusual front yard landscaping approach that focuses on the path to the front door and incorporates a swing with a great view to add interest to the front door area. Finally, the plants in the front yard were chosen based on the tendencies of the local animals in order to discourage them from eating up the landscape design.

  • [Infographic] Adding Value to Your Home with Outdoor Renovations

    If you’re like many homeowners, you may be looking for ways to make your home more valuable. There are many ways you can renovate the inside of your house, but don’t forget to consider what you can do to the outside of your home. Outdoor renovations can offer impressive returns on investment, and can greatly increase your enjoyment of your property. Outdoor lighting makes your home safer and more welcoming, while a patio gives you a central place to gather with your friends and family. Building an outdoor kitchen near Phoenix will allow you to be outside when you’re cooking instead of confined indoors, and will make your house the go-to spot for summer barbecues. Check out this infographic from Outside Living Concepts to learn more about making your home more valuable with outdoor renovations. Please feel free to share with your friends and neighbors.

    Outdoor Renovations by Outside Living Concepts

  • Designing a Modern Patio

    When you hire a hardscape contractor for patio remodeling in Phoenix , you should make sure that your new patio design complements your lifestyle. Before choosing the size, shape, and features of your new patio, you should consider how you will use the space, what your patio remodeling budget is, and how the patio design will fit into your existing backyard landscaping and aesthetic. Modern patio design focuses on creating an outdoor living space that is functional, simple, and attractive.

    Watch this video for some tips for designing a modern patio from a landscape design expert. You should work closely with your hardscaping contractor throughout the entire patio remodeling process to ensure that your new patio fits with your lifestyle.

  • Increase Your Enjoyment of the Outdoors

    If you want to enjoy your outside space, you should consider landscape design serving Phoenix, AZ. With landscape design, there are many options for making your backyard into another living space that the whole family can enjoy. A landscape design team can help make your vision become a reality. Keep reading to learn more about how you can increase your enjoyment of your outside space, including by customizing an outdoor kitchen, incorporating an outdoor fire pit, and adding outdoor fountains. Backyard Designs by Outside Living Concepts

    Customize Outdoor Kitchen Space

    Putting in an outdoor kitchen is one of the best ways to make the most of your backyard. With an outdoor kitchen, you can cook for your friends and family members while they relax at tables and chairs or play games nearby. An outdoor kitchen can be incorporated into a property of any size. With built-in grills, BBQ islands , and other outdoor kitchen ideas, you can grill a delicious and healthy meal. Most importantly, the experience is entirely interactive, and you can chat freely with your loved ones while you cook.

    Incorporate Outdoor Fire Pit

    To even further increase your enjoyment of your backyard, consider incorporating an outdoor fire pit. An outdoor fire pit can seat as many guests as you would like. When you work with your landscape design specialists, you can make wood burning outdoor fireplaces or an outdoor gas pit. During the chilly winter and fall months, this space is perfect for everything from a quiet family night to hosting larger parties or events.

    Add Outdoor Water Fountains

    For a tranquil and beautiful outside space, add outdoor water fountains to your backyard. When it comes to water features , you have a wide range of options to choose from. A cascading waterfall can disappear into a bed of gravel in a pond-less water fountain. Water gardens are also popular. These water fountains incorporate aquatic plants and fish for you and your guests to enjoy. For a more modern look, consider adding a sheet waterfall with bricks or blocks.

  • Heating Up Your Backyard

    An outdoor fireplace is one of the most popular new developments in landscape design serving Phoenix, AZ . As the weather cools down, homeowners still want to make the most of their outside space. With an outdoor fireplace, you can comfortably use your outdoor kitchen while your guests relax around a warm fire. Continue reading to learn more about how an outdoor fireplace works to provide extra warmth, use natural energy, and create a traditional structure. Backyard Fireplaces in Phoenix, AZ

    Provide Extra Warmth

    An outdoor fireplace or fire pit is highly effective at delivering just the right amount of warmth for gatherings of all sizes. Even a good patio cannot compete with the natural beauty and warmth emitted by outdoor fireplaces. Many outdoor kitchen ideas now incorporate a living space. In the chilly months, no living area is complete without a space where guests can relax, chat, and stay warm. For a modern look, ask your landscape design team to create an outdoor fire pit of bricks and blocks. Finish off the look with rustic lawn chairs created from milk cartons.

    Use Natural Energy

    One of the best qualities of outdoor fireplaces is their ability to use natural energy. While some people opt for an outdoor gas fire pit, an outdoor fireplace uses natural gas or wood instead of propane. These fuel sources have the benefit of being abundant and therefore affordable. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on fuel, you can use firewood from a nearby store—or your own backyard. However, a wood fireplace is slightly pricier to build, so some cost-conscious individuals prefer the cheaper construction and broader seating options offered by an outdoor fire pit.

    Create Traditional Structure

    Outdoor fireplaces rely on three central components. However, your landscape design team can create almost any size or shape of fireplace, depending on your specific needs and style. In an outdoor fireplace, the main kiva is the location where the fire itself burns. The wing walls are located on either side, and seat walls have the hearth is in front. However, you can opt to eliminate the wing walls or seat walls if you prefer.

  • A Look at a Round Fire Pit

    Fire pits have always been a favorite amongst homeowners. In fact, odds are good that you or someone you know has dug their own humble fire pit and surrounded it with folding chairs. These DIY fire pits do the trick, but they aren’t much to look at. If you’re designing or remodeling an outdoor living space and want to include a beautiful after-dark hangout spot for friends and family, consider a round fire pit with a seat wall surround. Watch this video to see how a round fire pit can serve as a beautiful addition to your outdoor living area.

    If you want a round fire pit that will serve as a centerpiece of your outdoor living space, contact our landscape design company in Phoenix , which specializes in the design and construction of custom outdoor fireplaces . A custom-designed round fire pit will look like a natural extension of your home, greatly improving the aesthetic flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces. A landscape design company can also help you incorporate different landscape and hardscape elements to turn your fire pit into beautiful focal area of your outdoor space.

  • Tips for Planning for the Perfect Outdoor Fireplace

    Tips for Planning a Perfect Fireplace in Phoenix, AZ You love spending time in your backyard, but you are worried about the cooler nights the winter will bring. Fortunately, you can improve your backyard landscaping with something you can enjoy during those cooler Arizona evenings: an outdoor fireplace in Phoenix, AZ. While an outdoor fireplace can be a great addition to your home, there are a few factors to consider. You must decide what type of fireplace to install, how it will fit into your existing design and the way in which you can make it accessible to everyone. Here is a closer look at these tips for planning for the perfect outdoor fireplace.

    Compare Different Types of Fireplaces

    A fireplace may work in one of several ways, and you must choose how it will operate before it is installed. If you plan on chopping or acquiring lumber to burn in your fire pit, then you will need a fireplace built that can draw properly to make sure the smoke goes up the flue and not out the front. On the other hand, you might want a natural gas fireplace for ease of convenience and on those no burn evenings. In this case, you will need a natural gas or propane connection. The installation processes vary between these types of fireplaces, so you must arrive at a firm decision well before installation.

    Create an Aesthetic Masterpiece

    Your new outdoor fireplace gives you the opportunity to enhance your yard’s aesthetic appeal, but it’s important that you choose the right design. It helps to consider the size of your yard and place in the yard before choosing a fireplace design. A massive fireplace might look awkward in a small space, while a tiny fireplace might not be effective if it is installed in an expansive area. You may also want to consider the existing design of your outdoor living area when deciding what your new fireplace should look like. If a fireplace is too big for the area…consider a fire pit. They are fun for everyone and cost a fraction of a fireplace, so if the budget’s tight…good choice here…either can burn wood or gas.

    Make Room for Everyone

    An outdoor fireplace may cause your popularity to skyrocket, so it pays to prepare for this in advance. Make sure you have your fireplace installed in a spacious area and provide plenty of seating for friends, family members, and neighbors who seem to become much more friendly since building your dream back yard.