• Increase Your Enjoyment of the Outdoors

    If you want to enjoy your outside space, you should consider landscape design serving Phoenix, AZ. With landscape design, there are many options for making your backyard into another living space that the whole family can enjoy. A landscape design team can help make your vision become a reality. Keep reading to learn more about how you can increase your enjoyment of your outside space, including by customizing an outdoor kitchen, incorporating an outdoor fire pit, and adding outdoor fountains. Backyard Designs by Outside Living Concepts

    Customize Outdoor Kitchen Space

    Putting in an outdoor kitchen is one of the best ways to make the most of your backyard. With an outdoor kitchen, you can cook for your friends and family members while they relax at tables and chairs or play games nearby. An outdoor kitchen can be incorporated into a property of any size. With built-in grills, BBQ islands , and other outdoor kitchen ideas, you can grill a delicious and healthy meal. Most importantly, the experience is entirely interactive, and you can chat freely with your loved ones while you cook.

    Incorporate Outdoor Fire Pit

    To even further increase your enjoyment of your backyard, consider incorporating an outdoor fire pit. An outdoor fire pit can seat as many guests as you would like. When you work with your landscape design specialists, you can make wood burning outdoor fireplaces or an outdoor gas pit. During the chilly winter and fall months, this space is perfect for everything from a quiet family night to hosting larger parties or events.

    Add Outdoor Water Fountains

    For a tranquil and beautiful outside space, add outdoor water fountains to your backyard. When it comes to water features , you have a wide range of options to choose from. A cascading waterfall can disappear into a bed of gravel in a pond-less water fountain. Water gardens are also popular. These water fountains incorporate aquatic plants and fish for you and your guests to enjoy. For a more modern look, consider adding a sheet waterfall with bricks or blocks.

  • Heating Up Your Backyard

    An outdoor fireplace is one of the most popular new developments in landscape design serving Phoenix, AZ . As the weather cools down, homeowners still want to make the most of their outside space. With an outdoor fireplace, you can comfortably use your outdoor kitchen while your guests relax around a warm fire. Continue reading to learn more about how an outdoor fireplace works to provide extra warmth, use natural energy, and create a traditional structure. Backyard Fireplaces in Phoenix, AZ

    Provide Extra Warmth

    An outdoor fireplace or fire pit is highly effective at delivering just the right amount of warmth for gatherings of all sizes. Even a good patio cannot compete with the natural beauty and warmth emitted by outdoor fireplaces. Many outdoor kitchen ideas now incorporate a living space. In the chilly months, no living area is complete without a space where guests can relax, chat, and stay warm. For a modern look, ask your landscape design team to create an outdoor fire pit of bricks and blocks. Finish off the look with rustic lawn chairs created from milk cartons.

    Use Natural Energy

    One of the best qualities of outdoor fireplaces is their ability to use natural energy. While some people opt for an outdoor gas fire pit, an outdoor fireplace uses natural gas or wood instead of propane. These fuel sources have the benefit of being abundant and therefore affordable. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on fuel, you can use firewood from a nearby store—or your own backyard. However, a wood fireplace is slightly pricier to build, so some cost-conscious individuals prefer the cheaper construction and broader seating options offered by an outdoor fire pit.

    Create Traditional Structure

    Outdoor fireplaces rely on three central components. However, your landscape design team can create almost any size or shape of fireplace, depending on your specific needs and style. In an outdoor fireplace, the main kiva is the location where the fire itself burns. The wing walls are located on either side, and seat walls have the hearth is in front. However, you can opt to eliminate the wing walls or seat walls if you prefer.

  • Reasons to Choose Professional Landscape Design Services

    Professional Landscaping Services in Phoenix, AZ Improving the landscape around your property is a great way to increase the curb appeal (and resale value) of your home. But while you can certainly rake your own yard and plant your own trees, there are major benefits of hiring a professional landscaping company in Phoenix, AZ to transform the look and feel of your property. Whether you’re thinking about a minor landscape project or a total landscape renovation, here are some of the top reasons to trust the job to professional landscape designers.

    Save Time and Money

    One of the best reasons to hire a professional landscape design and construction service as opposed to handling the task on your own is that you can transform the look and feel of your property in a fraction of the time. Professional landscaping companies have the experience, equipment, and expertise necessary to bring your landscape design to life in a matter of hours or days depending on the size of the project, whereas it could take you weeks or even months to complete the same landscaping installation on your own. And while you might save a few bucks tackling a small landscaping project on your own, larger and more complex installations can cost you a lot more between all the equipment and tools you’ll need to rent or purchase, on top of all the materials.

    Enjoy Better Results

    If you need just one reason to hire a professional landscape design service , do it for the sake of your home’s curb appeal. We’re not saying do-it-yourselfers are incapable of achieving professional-looking results, but there’s no doubt in the results you’ll experience after trusting your landscape construction in the hands of professionals. Even before construction ever takes place on your new landscape, professionals will make sure that the design perfectly complements your home and perfectly captures the image you have for your new outdoor living space.