• Reasons to Choose Outside Living Concepts

    Outside Living Concepts Logo If you want to transform your backyard into a beautiful and functional outdoor living area, the landscape design experts at Outside Living Concepts can bring your dream patio to life. The team at Outside Living Concepts has decades of combined experience in landscape design and installation. No matter how big or small your backyard, and regardless of your budget, the team at Outside Living Concepts is extremely creative and can help you choose the perfect landscape and hardscape elements.

    Here are a few other reasons to trust the landscape design and construction experts at Outside Living Concepts in Phoenix, AZ:

    • Free landscape design consultation
    • Unprecedented level of customer service throughout the entire process
    • Landscape/hardscape designs tailored to your budget
    • Design and construction completely in a timely manner

  • A Look at a Round Fire Pit

    Fire pits have always been a favorite amongst homeowners. In fact, odds are good that you or someone you know has dug their own humble fire pit and surrounded it with folding chairs. These DIY fire pits do the trick, but they aren’t much to look at. If you’re designing or remodeling an outdoor living space and want to include a beautiful after-dark hangout spot for friends and family, consider a round fire pit with a seat wall surround. Watch this video to see how a round fire pit can serve as a beautiful addition to your outdoor living area.

    If you want a round fire pit that will serve as a centerpiece of your outdoor living space, contact our landscape design company in Phoenix , which specializes in the design and construction of custom outdoor fireplaces . A custom-designed round fire pit will look like a natural extension of your home, greatly improving the aesthetic flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces. A landscape design company can also help you incorporate different landscape and hardscape elements to turn your fire pit into beautiful focal area of your outdoor space.

  • Patio Design Tips

    Patio Design Tips by Outside Living Concepts Having a beautiful and functional patio is the first step towards transforming your backyard into an outdoor living space. A great patio allows you to enjoy the warm, sunny weather Arizona is famous for, whether you prefer big backyard barbecue parties or cozier affairs with your family and a few close friends. In any case, the key to getting the most enjoyment out of your new outdoor space is designing a custom patio in Phoenix that meets your unique needs and preferences. A professional landscape design company in Phoenix can help turn the patio of your dreams into a reality. To help you get started, here are some patio design tips.

    Create Several Outdoor Living Areas

    For starters, when thinking about your backyard patio think of the layout like “floor space” inside your home. In other words, try to design several different areas that serve different purposes, such as a dining area and a sunbathing lounge. Breaking up your patio into sections will also help create visual interest and give your backyard more natural flow and movement.

    Consider Shade and Sunlight

    When designing your new patio, whether on your own or with the help of a landscape design company, be sure to consider the areas in your backyard that are most exposed to sunlight and shade throughout this day. This will help you create your patio and the surrounding structures accordingly to keep your family and guests cool, as well as areas that allow guests to bask in the sun if they so wish.

    Combine Hardscape and Landscape Elements

    To make your patio look like a natural extension of your home and the anchor of your outdoor living environment, incorporate hardscape and landscape materials as well as architectural elements from your home in the design of your patio. Repeat the hardscape and landscape materials throughout the rest of your yard to help your patio “disappear” into the rest of your outdoor space.

  • Landscape Trends in Phoenix

    Landscape Trends in Phoenix, AZ Landscaping calls for a keen eye and agricultural knowledge to create an aesthetically pleasing scene—but when you join form and function, you can have an attractive and useful outdoor space, perfect for entertaining or relaxing. Right now, trends are focused on remodeling existing scenery, like pools, greenery, and outdoor kitchens . Sometimes, a remodel is all it takes to revive an outdoor space—and, better yet, remodels are often less costly than a full landscaping overhaul. A remodel can also improve the safety of your space—for example, cracked tiles can be a hazard to you and guests.

    When you opt for a landscape remodel near Phoenix , you’ll be excited to flaunt your new landscape to family and friends, and it’s always a good time to have a marshmallow roasting party or a barbeque. Call us at Outside Living Concepts to learn more about how you could have a dream outdoor space.

  • Meet Owner Curt Havens

    Curt Havens Owner of Outside Living Concepts Outside Living Concepts, Inc. is proud to offer comprehensive and affordable landscaping design near Phoenix, AZ. Our owner, Curt Havens, is dedicated to helping clients create beautiful living spaces that draw upon the very best outdoor kitchen ideas, backyard landscaping, and outdoor grills.

    Curt Havens has been working in landscape design and construction for over 40 years. After graduating from Arizona State University, Curt first rose to fame as one of the pioneers of home improvement television in the 1980s and 90s. His outdoor kitchen plans and innovative landscape design techniques have drawn acclaim from various magazines and television shows, and he appears regularly on talk radio as a guest expert. Curt began Outside Living Concepts, Inc ., in 2004 to apply his vast construction and contracting knowledge to creating outside living spaces for Arizona residents. He takes pride in employing the most talented landscape design experts and building consultants in the state.