Incorporating a Water Feature into Your Flowerbed

Incorporating a backyard water feature

pro landscape design company in phoenix A backyard water feature can add the sound and visual appeal of flowing water to your flowerbed without necessarily requiring water plants. The best way to incorporate a small waterfall is to surround it with natural stones and plants, which also has the added benefit of tapering off the flowerbed and defining it from the rest of your landscape design. If you’d rather have a large pond or natural stream, you may want to consider using water plants to better incorporate the water feature into the surrounding flowerbed.

If you need help incorporating water features into your outdoor space, consult with a professional landscape design company in Phoenix, AZ. Landscapers in the Valley know best how to transform the look of a yard or garden with water fountains, ponds, and other types of outdoor water features. Your backyard landscaping professional may even be able to design a customer water feature to perfectly tie into your existing landscape.

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