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Should You Have Your Own Spa?

Few things feel quite as nice as slipping into a warm bath after a long day. A backyard spa takes the luxurious bathing experience to a new level. If you enjoy spending time outdoors and would like to ...
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Using Native Plants in Landscaping

If you’re considering landscape remodeling in Phoenix, you may already know that not every plant will thrive or be well-suited to your backyard environment. Using native plants in your ...
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The Benefits of Having a Retaining Wall

If your landscape contractor mentioned the use of retaining walls, you might be wondering what advantages they can offer your property. If your yard has slopes, is suffering from erosion, or has ...
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Landscaping a Large Yard

The bigger your yard, the more room you have to be creative with your landscape design. Your backyard landscaping plays a significant role in how you use your outdoor living spaces, so it’s a ...
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Make the Most of Your Patio Space

The patio may have been a major selling point when you decided to move into your current home, but what happens when you realize you never use it? Patio remodeling is a popular project, and you can ...
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Landscaping Ideas for a Small Yard

You don’t need a massive yard to enjoy the outdoors with your family; you can make the most of your yard with the right landscape design. Use your backyard landscaping to break up your space ...
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Extend Your Outdoor Living Space

If you’re doing outdoor remodeling near Phoenix, consider extending your outdoor living space. Just as a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project can increase the equity of your home, extending ...
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Enjoy the Party with the Help of an Outdoor Kitchen

A custom outdoor kitchen design near Phoenix can help you enjoy your outdoor summertime parties. Not only will it allow you to whip up some yummy treats for your guests, but it will also enable you to ...
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Creating a More Private Yard

Are you intending to do landscape remodeling in Phoenix to create a more private yard area? There are plenty of landscape design ideas that can give you privacy in your yard. Read on for some tips on ...
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Landscaping Your Front Yard

Are you looking to do landscape remodeling in Phoenix ? Updating your landscape design can add an element of interest to your home and also increase your home value. Whether you’re aiming to ...
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[Infographic] Adding Value to Your Home with Outdoor Renovations

If you’re like many homeowners, you may be looking for ways to make your home more valuable. There are many ways you can renovate the inside of your house, but don’t forget to consider ...
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Installing a Pool in Your Yard

When you begin a backyard remodel near Phoenix, you might want to consider installing a swimming pool. Installing a swimming pool in your backyard will provide your family with a source of ...
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Designing a Modern Patio

When you hire a hardscape contractor for patio remodeling in Phoenix, you should make sure that your new patio design complements your lifestyle. Before choosing the size, shape, and features of your ...
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A Simple and Sophisticated Landscape

If you’re considering landscape remodeling in Phoenix, you should work closely with an experienced landscape contractor on the perfect landscape design for your lifestyle and aesthetics. Your ...
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Increase Your Enjoyment of the Outdoors

If you want to enjoy your outside space, you should consider landscape design serving Phoenix, AZ. With landscape design, there are many options for making your backyard into another living space that ...
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Heating Up Your Backyard

An outdoor fireplace is one of the most popular new developments in landscape design serving Phoenix, AZ. As the weather cools down, homeowners still want to make the most of their outside space. With ...
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Reasons to Choose Professional Landscape Design Services

Improving the landscape around your property is a great way to increase the curb appeal (and resale value) of your home. But while you can certainly rake your own yard and plant your own trees, there ...
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Reasons to Choose Outside Living Concepts

If you want to transform your backyard into a beautiful and functional outdoor living area, the landscape design experts at Outside Living Concepts can bring your dream patio to life. The team at ...
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A Look at a Round Fire Pit

Fire pits have always been a favorite amongst homeowners. In fact, odds are good that you or someone you know has dug their own humble fire pit and surrounded it with folding chairs. These DIY fire ...
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Patio Design Tips

Having a beautiful and functional patio is the first step towards transforming your backyard into an outdoor living space. A great patio allows you to enjoy the warm, sunny weather Arizona is famous ...
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Landscape Trends in Phoenix

Landscaping calls for a keen eye and agricultural knowledge to create an aesthetically pleasing scene—but when you join form and function, you can have an attractive and useful outdoor space, ...
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Meet Owner Curt Havens

Outside Living Concepts, Inc. is proud to offer comprehensive and affordable landscaping design near Phoenix, AZ. Our owner, Curt Havens, is dedicated to helping clients create beautiful living spaces ...
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The Benefits of Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor kitchens and living spaces near Phoenix, AZ, are great ways to make use of your entire property. Additionally, it is possible to affordably transform your backyard into a functional space for ...
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Design Options for Your Outdoor Space

High-quality landscaping design near Phoenix, AZ, can immediately transform a simple backyard into a comfortable outdoor living area. Whether you want a dramatic outdoor kitchen with built in grills ...
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Cashing in on Custom Landscaping [INFOGRAPHIC]

Custom landscaping doesn’t just make your home more livable for you—it is also an investment in your future ability to sell your property. When the time comes to move, your landscape ...
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