BBQ Grills and Outdoor Kitchens

Bar-BQ Grills and Outdoor Kitchens

There is nothing like entertaining in the perfect weather of the Phoenix & Scottsdale area. Arizona has one of the best climates in the world. Plenty of sun, warm winters, picture perfect evenings that are perfect for cooking a meal for the family, or entertaining friends and colleagues. An outdoor kitchen or well planned BBQ grill area is the perfect addition to any backyard landscape. Living here means entertaining your friends or family in your backyard during any season.  Any outdoor kitchen or custom BBQ from Outside Living Concepts will make your backyard the place to be winter, … [Read more...]

Build a New Patio or Expand an Existing Patio in Phoenix

sundeck phoenix

When you are deciding to build a new patio or refurbish or expand an existing patio, there are many things to consider before you start doing anything. First is the size, the patio should have a purpose and compliment your home. If you make your back patio too small, it becomes a wasted space often times. On the other hand, if you make it too big it is not only expensive, but can diminish the look or your backyard. Getting the right layout the first time is a very important step when you decide to do a new or upgrade an outdoor patio. As you know here in the Phoenix metro area we love our … [Read more...]

Outdoor Gas Fire Pit in Phoenix and Scottsdale

phoenix fire pit

If you have lived in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area for any time at all, you know that weather is beautiful but you also know that the evenings can be quite cool and sometimes down right cold. There is no doubt that if you have lived here longer than a year, you have seen temperatures that have been near or below freezing. The chill can put a damper on spending the evening outside, especially when you have had something planned and the temperature dips suddenly when the sun goes down. This is where a outdoor natural gas or propane fire pit can really be a blessing and a center piece of you … [Read more...]

Backyard Pool and Spa in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona

phoenix pool installed

So you are finally considering having a pool or spa installed in your Phoenix, Tempe, Fountain Hills, or Scottsdale backyard . Congratulations on your choice and we are glad you have found this information before you start the process of having a spa or hot tub installed. The hot Arizona sun, especially in the summer makes a cool refreshing pool almost a necessity. On top of that, nothing beautifies your backyard like a professionally built pool. The lighted pool at night, or the shimmering water during the day is inviting, calming, and beautiful if done correctly. So, where do you start, … [Read more...]

Phoenix Arizona Outdoor Kitchens and BBQ Islands

Phoenix BBQ Island

Nothing says Phoenix living than an outdoor kitchen or fully equipped BBQ island. Having family get togethers, parties, and meeting in a outdoor kitchen is all part of how we live in Phoenix. While outdoor cooking and outdoor entertaining go hand in hand, having the perfect environment to do so needs proper planning. Outside Living Concepts has many years of experience in designing and building outdoor kitchen areas in Phoenix, Scottsdale, East Valley and other areas in greater Arizona. We can do it all, from a basic barbecue island with grill, to a fully functional outdoor kitchen. Want to … [Read more...]

Best Increase in Property Value from Landscape Design

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Change What You Know About Outdoor Design Landscape, Hardscape and Find the Right Contractor Now that Arizona has nearly perfect weather and we are the envy of the country, it’s time to enjoy the outdoors. With the holiday behind us there is a renewed excitement in the air and the hope 2014 will be more prosperous for all. If you are considering a landscape remodel, let me remind you this is the perfect time to invest in the outside of your home. First … there are great deals everywhere.  Many contractors are scrambling for business and this usually translates to big discounts and … [Read more...]

Professional Landscape Design as Investment in Your Home

professional landscape design

Many in Phoenix ask if investing in a professional landscape design is a solid investment in your home. Will you get your money back when you sell your home? First impressions are as important for a home especially one for that is for sale. If you are selling, good landscape design can add up to 20% of value to your home. Here are some basic rules to follow in order to get the best return on your investment. Ask any realtor and most will tell you that a professionally landscaped property is a sure ticket to quick resale. It gives a home curb appeal and that first impression is the same … [Read more...]

Outdoor Kitchen Design and Plans

phoenix outdoor kitchen design

Are you looking for an outdoor kitchen?  For many the most important room in their home is their kitchen and with the right landscape design you can make your outdoor backyard just as cooking friendly as your indoor kitchen. The most important as of any outdoor kitchen is how you are going to cook.  For most people that is an outdoor barbeque or bbq.  Though you make thing that just adding a barbeque can be an easy choice though understanding how it work with the rest of your backyard landscape is critical to success. Outside Living Concepts works with you to design your backyard so … [Read more...]

Backyard Landscapes Like Own Resort at Home

Landscape Design Like Resort

What can people do to “Go Green” in their yards Lots of people are, “going green” these days and I have been designing and installing lots of artificial turf, as well as putting greens.  These are very popular and environmentally friendly, and of course, no water.  There are super products on the market now and most of it looks incredibly lifelike.  Cost fluctuates between $6-$7 per square foot depending on the turf chosen, and how much people are installing. Can you tell us about your special Disney grass My grass was created for the folks at Disney World in Florida and I was the … [Read more...]

Latest Trends for Backyard Landscapes in Phoenix

phoenix backyard landscape trends

You may not think that the world of landscaping is very exciting one, and truth is, neither did I.  That is, until I met the architectural mastermind of functional yards, Curt Havens, After first being floored by his enthusiastic persona, I get to the root of why Curt radiates such energy and enthusiasm.  Very simply, he’s a guy who loves what he does, and does it better than most.  Is drive and passion have landed him on Oprah’s infamous couch and he’s recently been appearing on Channel 3’s Shopping A-A.  He just wrapped up a charity project with Kyrene de la Estrella, and oh – did I mention … [Read more...]